Atarim vs Sima

Small screens and mobiles.

Atarim does not support small screens or mobiles.

Sima, by comparison, does.

Comments appear where you click.

Atarim adds a comment indicator to the centre of an element on click. This means that for larger elements, comment indicators will be added far away from where you actually clicked. Comments are also fixed, and do not update on different screen sizes.

Sima, by comparison, keeps track of the exact location of your click, then intelligently combines this with the size and location of the element itself. It also updates for different screen sizes, so the comment indicator always appears in the correct place.

Client ease of use.

Atarim recommends asking your client to install a Chrome extension to leave comments. Chrome accounts for 60% of the global browser share, so 40% of your clients will need to install and configure an extension on a browser they don’t use before they can leave a comment.

Sima, by comparison, integrates directly with your existing site. After adding a single line of code, a Comments sidebar will be available on every page (even ones behind a login screen). Also, it’s white-labelled by default so your clients never see 3rd party branding.

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